About Us

Carl Masi
C.P.A., M.B.A.
Founding Principal

Carl is both a C.P.A. and M.B.A. by degree. He brings a unique combination of interpersonal and emotional intelligence that allows him to connect with others on a shared vision as well as the analytical skills and capability to structure sophisticated corporate models and financial plans. Carl has strong M&A experience and a track record of success in integrating systems to a clearly understood and beneficial outcome. He also has extensive experience in funding start upCarl Masis and capitalizing companies. 

Carl finds his differentiation in creating options for financial plans, including securing the capital, thus putting
clients at an advantage that exceeds their expectations. To be clear, he often is able to secure resources on terms that are more desirable and provide options that many clients didn’t know they had. Carl delivers this through his creativity, market awareness, reputation, and strategic vision.

Select Advising is a full-service financial service firm including traditional accounting with a core focus in specialized corporate and financial consulting. Our company was manifested through strong client service in both the private and corporate space, beginning as an accounting firm and developing into a full-service institution with a track record of completing transactions with creative and sophisticated solutions ranging from M&A and corporate structuring to private tax returns and planning.

With over 20 years of experience, growth and presence, Select Advising can be explained and summarized as: “…a firm developed and driven by client success through market relevancy, completing creative solutions, and delivered with expedience.


Strength and Creativity:

Tax Structuring & Planning
Intelligence to unlock capital specific to market conditions in the modern market can deliver an edge of capital strength.

Financial Planning & Capital Resources
With the infusion of capital and the proper cash-flow plan, driven by core focus and contingency planning, a business that may struggle may thrive. We can help smart business find capital solutions in a market that some may believe is unwilling to connect with them

Our Staff